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Changing Jobs

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Are you going through the awkward and often unpleasant task of resigning one position to begin another?  Take note of the following:

Be sure you are making a positive move.
If money is your prime reason to leave, ask for a raise before you threaten to leave.  Do not make a threat that you are not prepared to back up.
If you are thinking that an external offer is a good way to stimulate a raise, think again.  Most companies who offer you more money to stay are doing it for convenience.  If a company is forced to pay more than reasonable to keep you, your loyalty will be questioned and at a more convenient time, you could end up in a major layoff.  Don't chance it!
Do not telegraph your intentions before you are ready.
Do not tell anyone, besides your spouse until you have broken the news to your supervisor.
Thank your company for the opportunity you had and let them know that the time has come to move on to:   
a) what you always wanted to do
b) a greater chance to progress
c) a chance to move out of town
d) etc.

A good manager/employee makes sure that someone can easily step into your shoes when/if you should leave.   Make it as painless as possible.
Offer to train someone on final details where possible.
Be pleasant, cooperative, and keep your boss more informed than peers.
You may not want to telecast where you are going, but you will want to keep key employees informed and not want to burn bridges.

Write a short note indicating your reason, the last work day (usually 2 weeks or one pay period), and thank the person for the training, work experience, and past opportunities.
When you leave, do not take anything that you do not personally own.

Stay in touch with your old company so that bridges are not burned. 
Offer any assistance over the phone for the things they cannot find.  Be as helpful as possible so that a smooth transition occurs.

Good Luck!