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Corporate Search Associates

501 Executive Center Blvd., Ste. 201,  El Paso, TX 79902

Phone 915-534-2583   FAX 915-534-2585

               Position WB01515_.gif (482 bytes)United States WB01515_.gif (482 bytes)Mexico(pesos/mo.)
 Plant/General Managers  $70K to 150K  60K to 120K
 Plant Headcount 0-500  $65K to 90K*  50K to 85K
 Plant Headcount 500-1000  $85K to 150K  65K to120K
 Plant Headcount 1000+  $100K and up  75K and up
* The newer titles of Business Unit or Cell  Manager seem to fall in this range.    
 All further salary ranges  based on number of indirect and direct reports.    
 Manufacturing/Prod/Ops Managers  $65K to 90K  50K to 80K
 Manufacturing/Prod/Ops Supervisors  $40K to 65K  25K to 50K
 Engineering Managers (Including Maint.)  $65K to 95K  50K to 75K
 Engineering Supervisors  $60K to 85K  45K to 65K
 Skill Specific Engineers, SMT, ATE, etc.  $45K to 85K  20K to 65K
 General ME, EE, IE  $40K to 65K  25K to 55K
 Quality Assurance Control Managers  $50K to 100K  37K to 85K
 Note: The large spread here is based on   plant headcount. Small 50 to 100 headcount plants can have one person who is both engineer and manager. Large multi plant operations may have a Manager or Director over several Q.C., plant level, managers. or supervisors.    
 Quality Supervisor  $50K to 75K  35K to 60K
 Skill Specific Quality Engineers, ATE, SQA  $45K to 75K  25K to 60K
 Quality Engineer  $35K to 65K  16K to 40K
 Material Control Managers  $45K to 100K  35K to 90K
 Note: Same situation as Quality Managers    
 Purchasing Managers  $50K to 85K   40K to 65K
 Purchasing Supervisors  $45K to 65K  35K to 55K
 Purchasing Agents  $30K to 65K  20K to 55K
 Buyers  $25K to 55K  18K to 55K
 Master Scheduler-Materials or Prod.  $40K to 75K  45K to 55K
 Planners/Analysts Materials or Prod.  $30K to 45K  15K to 50K
 Logistics Managers  $50K to 100K  45K to80K
 Warehouse/Distribution Manager  $40K to 75K  25K to 60K
 Warehouse Shift Supervisor  $35K to 55K  25K to 50K
 Customs Manager  $45K to 65K  35K to 55K
 Customs Specialist   $30K to 45K  15K to 35K
 Customer Service Manager   $45K to 65K 35K to 55K
 Customer Service Agent   $25K to 55K  15K to 50K
 Plant or Division Controller  $60K to 150K  50K to120K
 Accounting Manager/Supervisor  $50K to 65K  35K to 60K
 Cost Accountant  $35K to 65K  20K to 50K
 General Accountant  $30K to 55K  15K to 55K
 Human Resources Manager  $50K to 130K  40K to100K
 H.R. Assistant Manager  $45K to 65K  35K to 60K
 Training Manager/Supervisor  $35K to 60K  20K to 50K
 Compensation Specialist  $35K to 60K  20K to 50K
 H.R. Recruiting Specialist  $30K to 40K  15K to 30K
 H.R. Generalist  $25K to 40K  18K to 28K
 Administrative Manager  $65K to 110K  60K to 85K
 Generally a Maquila position has H.R., Accounting, Customs, and other specialized departments reporting to it.    
 Plant Manager's Administrative Assistant  $30K to 55K  20K to 35K
 Plant or Department Receptionist  $20K to 35K  15K to 25K