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  1. If it works, don't change it!

  2. If you are told "this is good"  don't believe it; check the source.

  3. It must be a page only.  No, it can be several good pages.

  4. People read resumes.  False, they usually glance at them (20 seconds, max).

  5. Your job title is the most important item. False, the company you get experience from is probably more important.

  6. I need an "objective".  No, you need a job; forget the objective unless it is critical.

  7. Save the sizzle for the interview.  No, there may not be an interview if you wait.

  8. Summarize your features and accomplishments.  No confusion leads to hesitation.

  9. Rush your resume because speed is essential.  No, accuracy and quality come first.

  10. I must detail all my responsibilities.  No, accomplishments trump everything.


The resume is a snap shot of your career; a history, an accountability of your professional life.  It should be complete and honest; filled with accomplishments from each company you worked at.  It should be always changing, each month, quarter, or at least yearly.  Do not use “ I” or “me” or “we” pronouns.  One page works for entry level and a few pages for a seasoned professional.  You can use several resumes if you have several positions of interest.  Tailor the resume to the type of position you are applying for.  One resume could be for Quality Control, another for Industrial Engineering.  Have a focus to your resume.  Leave out minor details like writing reports or conducting meetings.  Do not forget that the style, content, depth, and command of the language are being evaluated as a reflection of you.  Try not capitalizing every noun in your resume or bolding and underlining everything.


I  Start with your home address and contact information.  You need a personal E-mail address, not your business one because if you change jobs, we cannot find you.

 II  An Objective is a waste of time and can cause you problems unless it really says something necessary like: “ I want to leave engineering and be in accounting”.

 III  Work History should be your current position first and then progress to your earlier work.  Name the company and location, then the date in years, only that you were there.  If you were in a separation from your company, then you need to stretch that time working as long as you can.  Your out of work time should be as short as possible.  If you can get some work consulting, helping others, then you are a CONSULTANT.

 Make a statement about your company as to who they are and what products they produce.

  ABC Company,  Juarez, Mexico; the largest producer of widgets in North America with facilities producing over 300,000 units each year.

Then state your job title and give a short description of your responsibilities. 

 Administrative Manager – Responsible for office production.  Supervise 12 employees.  Also responsible for …………………………………….


bulletThree big ones that are tied to money saved, scrap reductions, etc.
bulletThey should be short and easy to understand.
bulletThey can be such things as installing SAP, ISO-9000 or a machine.

 When you finish with work history, list your education accomplishments.  If your GPA is 3.000 or higher, put it down.  Your resume should be a history of accomplishments; from your high school days to present.  If you were a basketball star, put it down.  The resume should be written on a high school level with a minimum of SPC or JIT type references so you do not lose a reader to not understanding. This document should be understandable by a high school senior.  Guess what, many resumes are first selected by high school graduates.  Do not expect to get to the interview unless you express yourself clearly. You can end up in the reject pile or the “to be determined” pile that never gets reviewed by the hiring authority.  Managers are short on time but long on piles of resumes.  They want to see a real person.  You want that person to be YOU.


If you have a problem with your resume, we can help, but there will be a charge.